What follows the director of the work of teachers ?!

What follows the director of the work of teachers ?!

The director of a school in terms of the educational process should follow several fields, including: planning and preparation of teaching, organization and discipline in the classes, a style of teaching the teachers, the ratio of teachers to students, level and quality in terms of students’ knowledge.

In terms of planning and preparation of teaching director follows:

  • Does the teacher have projections that are prepared in accordance with the curriculum and syllabus for the respective grade?
  • Does the teacher gives proper weight classes in the preparation of the teaching process in relation to different levels of knowledge and skills to adopt the curriculum objectives and content?
  • In what ratio are the contents and the planned activities?
  • What activities, sources of knowledge and methods of work plans and teacher used to achieve the intended objectives?
  • How ready the place of realization of the teaching process (classroom) in relation to the planned work activities with the students?

In terms of organization and discipline in the classes director follows:

  • How to organize and implement group work and other various activities?
  • The way to motivate students to work?
  • As a teacher realizes teaching and how students use the available sources of knowledge?
  • As students work together in terms of the overall curricular activities and the adoption of new knowledge?
  • What forms of work dominate the teaching?
  • What is the work discipline and what relations the relation teacher – student?

In terms of style of teaching the teachers director follows:

  • As teachers adapt the forms of work according to the needs of students?
  • How many teachers are creative and innovative, and whether its operations applied research activities concerning the teaching process adjusting to the needs of students?
  • How teachers successfully trained students for cooperative work in larger or smaller groups?
  • Does the teacher use the professional literature and other literature in terms of solving certain problems in the classroom?
  • How teachers motivate students and check the degree of knowledge manifested by students?
  • How teachers respond to the expectations manifested by students and encourage students to study quality and continuous?

When it comes to the ratio of teacher to students the director follows:

  • How teachers respond to the individual needs of students?
  • As teachers and students communicate?
  • What is the control by the teacher to the whole class, a group or individual to each student?
  • As students respond to suggestions from teachers, their guidelines and requirements?
  • The way teachers talk with students?

As for the level of quality in terms of students’ knowledge director monitors and collects information:

  • As students progress through their oral and written LIABLE in terms of emotional, practical and physical?
  • Monitor progress through their contribution to teamwork and their individual contribution.
  • For their critical attitude, thinking and evaluating things.
  • Expressed answered by students principal required to be measurable in a given time period.
  • It suggests teachers that students have enough time when presenting their responses.

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