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15 Reasons Why You Should Totally Date a Teacher

We all know teachers are pretty much all-around awesome, but every now and then we have to remind everyone. We do a lot with little pay. We make people smile on a daily basis. To kids, we don’t have a social life, but we all know that is what keeps us sane sometimes. The dating scene might not be the greatest invention of the modern world, but if you have to date someone, it should be a teacher.
1. We possess all those attributes you want in a person: passionate, caring, loving, dedicated, a decision maker, tough under pressure, punctual, etc.
2. We can fit into any situation you throw at us. Nothing scares us.
3. You will get a lot of alone time. Grading papers and lesson planning takes a lot of time.
4. Any gift you give will be amazing. We are used to cupcakes and hand-painted rocks.
5. Butt-load of chocolate and free food from class parties. (As long as you like Cheez-Its and grapes.)
6. Summer vacation. Well, for that one week we are all yours.
7. Saturday mornings will consist of sleeping in, coffee, and Netflix, guaranteed.
8. Thrifty and economical. We don’t spend a lot of money, because we don’t have it.
9. Creative. How many people do you know can make 100 things out of a toilet paper roll?
10. Any meal you cook that doesn’t involve smiley faces or square pizzas will be considered gourmet.
11. You will be pretty much dating a superhero.
12. Extremely patient. We are used to waiting and waiting and explaining, and explaining again.
13. We will keep you laughing. You will hear some of the most unbelievable stories you could ever imagine.
14. You will feel famous in public, especially at the grocery store, Wal-Mart, and the local Mexican restaurant.
15. We are simple. If it involves coffee, wine, a conversation about anything but dinosaurs, and doesn’t involve girl drama, we are good to go.

Primary source: https://www.boredteachers.com/humor/reason-date-teacher


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