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Teacher’s work portfolio (to monitor the work of students)

Teacher work portfolio will enable the teacher to continuously monitor the students’ achievements, their attitude towards work and their attitude towards learning. The teacher work portfolio also contains the identification data for the teacher and the students.

In the part of achievements of students, the teacher records the class, the subject, the field, the concluding grade, the notes, respecting the values, taking action, developing aesthetics, sports and recreation, school activities, homework assignments, team work and cooperation with the parents .

In the part of students’ attitude towards work, the teacher notes: independence, persistence, orderlyness, systematicness, encouraging others, his communicativeness, which he can do independently, lack of desire for …, his persistence, his autonomy, he needs to check , does not work if it does not have to, tidy, NOTE.

In the part of students’ attitudes toward learning, the teacher notes: learning, observing the important, performing analysis, critical thinking, forming conclusions, reproduction, explanation abstraction, written skills, frequency of mistakes, need for help, verbal expression , written expression, activity on classes.

A document titled “Teacher’s Work Portfolio” is given in a Word (document) so that the teacher can intervene in it according to his needs.




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