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Teachers Should Be Allowed to Wear Jeans Every Day

The teacher should be well-dressed, as he/she is an example to the students. Casual dressing involves wearing clean clothes without vulgar inscriptions that would offend anyone on a different basis.

But the question arises whether wearing jeans should be allowed for teachers? The answer is yes, of course they should be allowed to. Jeans combined with other pieces of clothing can really look professional, decent and beautiful.

Teachers should wear jeans because today’s teaching is more dynamic and not carried out frontally, as before (the teacher is teaching and the students are listening). Today the teaching is conducted in a more dynamic way where the teacher is constantly beside the student. To make it more comfortable and practical for the teacher to wear clothes in which he feels fully prepared for teaching, the jeans offer that feeling.

There are many controversies about wearing or not wearing jeans at school, there are different dress codes in school codes, and they rarely state that teachers are not allowed to wear jeans. But I still think that wearing jeans should be allowed, as a confirmation of these are some facts of everyday school life.

  • Jeans help the teacher to fit into the school community more easily.

The teacher when wearing jeans becomes in some way an integral part of the student community. He is  dressed in some way that he is a part of them, he moves between them freely, and even in a way and without notice. When the teacher is wearing jeans, he is less noticeable and can immediately feel the atmosphere between the students and hear what they are talking about as he moves among them. Remember, when a teacher is wearing jeans, he looks younger and is more acceptable to students.

  • Jeans are not just for work you are also for work clothes

In the lower grades, the teacher is always with the students, and most often on the floor reading books and talking and playing with them. If the teacher wears a skirt, even if her body will always be well covered, there will always be something that should not be seen. The same is happens when the teacher leans over to the student’s desk to explain to them, the skirt can be lifted at this point for others to see body parts that should not be seen. Someone will ask why they are not wearing pants, why they need jeans. The answer would be that maintaining the jeans is much easier and simpler than the material from which the pants are made. Also the stains on pants are much more noticeable than jeans. Let’s not forget that pants on average are also more expensive than jeans. Jeans offer the freedom to move, bend, sit on the floor, etc.

  • Wearing jeans does not mean you are not a professional

One of the opinions that is not in favor of wearing jeans by teachers is that if you want to be a professional you should dress like a professional. This statement does not correspond to reality at all. In reality there are many examples, and some you may find in your own school, that clothing may not make you more or less professional in what you do.

  • Jeans make you more acceptable to students

When you are wearing jeans you are casual, that way you are closer and more receptive to the students, they feel like you are part of them, so it will be easier for you to accomplish all the planned goals and activities related to the lesson. When you are dressed in a suit you give a non-verbal message to the students “I am your boss and you must listen to me.” You will surely agree that it alienates students from you.

  • Jeans allow the teacher to be mobile

The teacher when wearing jeans is more mobile, ie more mobile in relation to all activities related to school requirements. He can move, sit, get up easier. Simply put, it can meet all the activities and requirements that students have that are related to teaching.

  • Jeans make you feel more satisfied

The activities of the teacher depend on the position of the teacher, and the main activity of the teacher is to carry out a successful educational process. The teacher will certainly feel more satisfied and relaxed when dressed in comfortable clothes than when dressed and tight in suit. One of those comforts and pleasures of clothes are the jeans. So, we can conclude when we have a satisfied teacher we will have a successful and quality teaching process.

  • Wearing jeans does not mean that we are not serious

The seriousness of man and his character should not be associated with his clothes. When a teacher wears jeans, it does not mean that he is more serious or less committed to the job. On the contrary, it makes them feel more comfortable and easier to deal with all the challenges the school and its related activities face. Wearing jeans does not make us more serious teachers. Wearing jeans should be understood as wearing a school uniform by teachers.

J. Bilbiloski


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