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18 Ways You Know You’re Definitely Married to a Teacher

Being married to a teacher can have its ups and downs. Here are a few things that will hit home for anyone married to a teacher.

  1. They are awesome at Jeopardy since they know all sorts of random things.
  2. Your checkbook is always balanced, usually because there isn’t much in there.
  3. You have multiple “trashcans”. Mostly because they never throw anything away and it “could” be used one day.
  4. Veteran teachers get good service at restaurants because there’s a good chance the server and/or owner was in their class, and they still have that magic power over him/her.
  5. They don’t flinch in public at crying babies or loud people. They are used to talking over people.
  6. Getting up “late” means 7:30 am instead of 5:30 am.
  7. The first thing on the grocery list is coffee, the 2nd is wine.

“I’ve had a very long, hard day” Chandler in a bathtub with glass of champagne

  1. Vacations at some point involve something educational, it just happens.
  2. They pick up after you, no matter what it is. It’s 2nd nature.
  3. You can’t go to Walmart without having a “Parent/teacher conference”.
  4. You can’t go to the grocery store without playing an impressive game of Hide and Seek.
  5. You know exactly what they mean when they say, “I’m going to miss him next year.” You don’t even have to ask about that kid.
  6. They always know all the cool words or slang, yet you both have no idea what they mean.
  7. You have gotten used to weird stains and should be sponsored for the magic you work with them.
  8. They use their teacher voice in public and it doesn’t faze you anymore.
  9. You get excited when you see a new scent of hand sanitizer and you surprise them with it.
  10. If it wasn’t for Netflix and Chill, you wouldn’t get to watch your shows and them get some sleep.
  11. You know when it’s going to be a full moon when they walk in the house.

Source: https://www.boredteachers.com/humor/18-ways-you-know-youre-definitely-married-to-a-teacher

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