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Ways to Use Slideshows in the Classroom

Slideshows have been around for a while, but in most classrooms they are only used as a way for presenting small amounts of information. Teachers may use a slideshow to give an overview of a topic and students may use slideshows to accompany research projects. However, slideshows have […]

The Problem With Standardized Testing

Many teachers acknowledge that comparative assessment techniques, such as standardized tests, often measure performance more than knowledge. Students may recite information, but have little ability to apply it to their lives. This can frustrate teachers, who may feel these systems can’t be changed. Some school boards are asking […]

25 Of The Most Misunderstood Ideas In Education

There’s a lot of misunderstanding in education, and that makes sense because it’s an ‘industry’ with tremendous external pressure to change but an extraordinary kind of inertia internally that keeps it from doing so. Teaching is also a fundamentally human craft (and learning a fundamentally natural thing) both […]