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Actually getting excited when there’s no line at the photocopier. The feeling you get when that struggling student finally “gets it.” Being friended by a student on Facebook. Trying not to laugh when a student says something completely inappropriate but utterly hilarious. Knowing the one day you leave […]

When Teachers Bully Other Teachers

Sooner or later, every teacher–with blessed few exceptions– will have to deal with a bully, and not the grade seven bully stealing chips from kid lunch boxes. But an adult bully, experienced and educated, dressed in fine clothes. A fellow teacher. This post aims to inform teachers about […]

How to address a teacher around the world

Does your child call their teacher by their first name, surname, or something completely different? Explore all the various ways students address their teachers in 20 different countries around the globe and how this reflects the social hierarchy and culture there. Schools all over the world vary widely […]