Activities that encourage the development of graphomotor skills

If we want our child mastered the skill of writing, it is important that he fully develops graphomotor skills.

Useful link Tracing worksheets graphomotorics

Activities that encourage the development of graphomotor skills:

  1. Let the child draw or writes on a vertical surface (paper stick to the wall), and related activities such as playing with alphabet magnets on the fridge.
  2. When you do the exercises of fine motor skills with your child, always start with easy activities and then gradually introduce activities that are more complex and harder to do. In this way, the child will not lose the motivation to do activities.
  3. By painting a coloring book the child exercise painting within the lines. If the child presses too hard pencil on paper, show what it looks like a proper pencil pressure.
  4. Encourage your child to draw.
  5. Let the child draw a person. If any pieces are missing, ask your child: “What else you must draw on a person?“, “Look at me.” “Where are his hands?“, “Where are his legs?” and the like.
  6. You can draw a simple object, then let a child copy them on the second paper. Start with only one line, then two, then circle and so on. See what a child can copy in the certain age.
  7. Ask your child to draw a flower, a house, a snake, a tree and other similar simple drawings.
  8. Let the child draw the lines around his hand or an object.
  9. You can draw a rainbow and let the child paint each line in a different color.
  10. Draw an exercise in which the child needs to draw a line on a pathway from left to right and vice versa.
  11. Let the child solves simple mazes.
  12. Encourage your child to solve tasks where multiple lines overlap, and the child should follow only one. Every line can be marked in a different color.
  13. You can encourage the development of graphomotor skills by letting your child do the exercise such as connecting dots in line to get a letter or symbol.
  14. In the box of sand hid various items. Let the child find hidden treasures. Instead of sand, we can use rice.
  15. Let the child make various objects of playdough.
  16. Perform as many activities that involve stringing small objects in the thread, such as making colorful jewelry.
  17. Encourage your child to perform the activities that involve tearing the paper into small pieces.
  18. Let the child play puzzle games.

19. Encourage your child to perform activities with scissors.

  1. Let your child play with construction toys, such as Lego.

21.Let your child perform activities with labels, Washi tape, etc.


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