3 Things We Love About Great Teachers

Let’s pretend we could wave a magic wand and send you back to your childhood. Good news, we’d skip all the growing pains — hello, middle school! — and only focus on the best moments.

Think about your favorite subjects in school … The subjects that got you excited to get up in the morning. What made them so special? Chances are you had an amazing teacher to guide and inspire you.

Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 3. In honor of the women and men who play such an important role in our kids’ lives, here are three things we love about great teachers.

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1) Great teachers inspire joy in learning.

Have you ever noticed that great teachers have a gift? They know how to create a personal connection between kids and a lesson.

They inspire those special moments when a concept just clicks.

You see it in the smile that spreads across your son’s face when he can read aloud for the first time. In the way your daughter stands a little taller when she understands a tricky math problem. In the way your kids’ faces shine when they create working robots from their own imaginations.

Great teachers inspire a love for learning.

2) Great teachers motivate kids to believe in themselves.

Every child has the potential to be someone special. To be successful. To be happy.

Great teachers help children tap into their gifts and discover their full potential. Teachers act as cheerleaders, mentors and confidence builders. They know how to challenge and inspire children, turning frustration into confidence and dreamers into life-long achievers.

3) Great teachers open doors to the future.

Think back to your childhood again. Was it a teacher who put you on the path you followed? With all the opportunity that awaits our children today – particularly in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields – imagine where a teacher could guide you today.

Great teachers know how to pique a child’s curiosity, so he or she can’t wait to learn more. They give children fun experiences with learning that put kids on the path to greater success in school and to gratifying careers.

And with all this in mind …

Today we say thanks to the teachers who inspire us!

Please join us in thanking the special teachers who’ve made a positive impact on your family’s life — from your teachers at school to the teachers in your after-school programs.

And for the thousands of Sylvan teachers out there, we’d like to extend our thanks for making learning so personal and engaging.

We appreciate everything you do!


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