When You Dating a Teacher What Are Your Expectations?

We all know that teachers are incredible human beings, but dating one is a unique experience. From early nights to grading to glitter, here’s what to expect when dating a teacher.

You’re going to run into students — everywhere!

The grocery store? The gas station? A romantic dinner for two? Chances are, you’ll run into at least one student who can’t believe that their teacher has a life.

And then there’s the teacher BFF…

Most teachers have a work BFF. Just so you know, they will always end up talking shop wherever they are, and they basically have their own language. Don’t even try to get into it when they start talking IEPs, 504s or the newest LMS.

Sparkles in their eyes? Nope, that’s glitter.

Don’t be surprised to find glitter around the house. Classroom crafts and projects involve sparkle, and that stuff has a way of getting into everything.

Embrace being schooled.

Teachers know their stuff, so get ready to be schooled. Grammar? We’ll correct you. Facts? We’ve got ’em. Teachers are smart cookies!

Forget Friday night dates – or any weeknight outing.

Friday nights mark the end of a long and exhausting teacher week. Most teachers will tell you that making plans on a Friday night — or any weeknight — is futile. Order in, Netflix and chill!

Sleeping in? That’s not really a teacher thing.

After a while, most of us just get used to waking up early. On weekends, we’re up and at ’em, getting stuff done.

They’re too cool because of school.

In order to keep up with their students, teachers know — and often use — the coolest lingo and pop culture references. New dance craze? They’re on it. New expression? They know it.

They might find it hard to not dress like a teacher.

It might be hard for your teacher date to come up with something to wear that doesn’t scream teacher. It’s okay, cardigans are in, right?

A teacher’s workplace is a germ jungle.

Student germs are mighty, so when you date a teacher, get ready to be exposed to some serious classroom cooties.

Lessons don’t plan themselves.

Even on weekends, teachers are busy planning for the next week of classes. Get ready to share some of your together time with planning time.

School supplies are life.

Impress your significant other with a fresh box of markers or some post-its. Teachers will reuse anything for some good classroom crafts.

Get ready for some epic stories!

Settle in for story time because teachers have seen it all. Each day in the classroom comes with funny, gross, and emotional moments. Before you know it, you’ll start remembering students’ names and getting emotionally involved.

They can say a lot with just one look.

Teachers have perfected “the look.” With just one glance, you’ll know exactly where you stand.

They make it look easy.

Teachers deal with kids all day. While that doesn’t always mean they want their own kids, it does mean your teacher partner has some serious kid skills.

No more avoiding peak travel times.

Gear up to spend a little extra cash on vacations because teachers can only travel during school breaks when ticket prices are higher.

And about those amazing summers that they supposedly have off…

Teachers may technically have summers off, but most of them work more than you think. Between planning for the next school year, working summer sessions, and attending professional development workshops, summers aren’t all vacay. Plus, they either get their pay for nine months stretched out over the year, or they don’t get paid during summer, so budgets are tight.

Teachers are expert problem-solvers.

Teachers solve a million problems a day on the fly. So when you’ve had a rough day, they’ve got you covered.

You’re basically dating a superhero.

Get ready to be impressed because when you’re dating a teacher, you’re basically with a superhero. You’ll be amazed at just how much they do, how much they deal with, and what a difference they make.


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