It’s time to take a look at how amazing (and a bit freaky!) we all are! Check out these 15 fascinating facts about our bodies…

1. Your mouth produces about one litre of saliva each day!
2. Your brain is sometimes more active when you’re asleep than when you’re awake.

3. Laid end to end, an adult’s blood vessels could circle Earth’s equator four times!
4. The word “muscle” comes from Latin term meaning “little mouse“, which is what Ancient Romans thought flexed bicep muscles resembled.
5. Bodies give off a tiny amount of light that’s too weak for the eye to see.
6. The average person has 67 different species of bacteria in their belly button.

7. You lose about 4kg of skin cells every year!
8. Babies don’t shed tears until they’re at least one month old.
9. Information zooms along nerves at about 400kmph!
10. The human heart beats more than three billion times in an average lifespan.

11. Your left lung is about 10 percent smaller than your right one.
12. Human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth.
13. Scientists estimate that the nose can recognise a trillion different scents!

14. Humans are the only species known to blush.
15. Your blood makes up about eight percent of your body weight.

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