12 Types of Teachers which you can find in each school

  1. The Organized Teacher



These teachers like their stuff a certain way, and you better not touch a thing, or they’ll notice. They’re in love with lamination, color-coordination, labeling, bins, filing cabinets, bulletin boards, and their precious markers. Their drawers, desktop, and cabinets are meticulous. These over-organized teachers are usually super efficient since they know where everything is. As a result, they’re generally more composed, because they don’t lose their minds trying to find where they put things, all the time.

  1. The Heartfelt Teacher



This is the teacher who would do anything for their students. They lose sleep at night thinking about ways to help the struggling ones. You’ll see students’ drawings hung up all over their walls, their desktops and drawers are full of random gifts every student ever gave them, and you might catch them tearing up over an “aha” moment or a simple sentimental gesture. You’ll see a lot of old students stopping by to say hello to this teacher, and they’ll never forget the names of all their “kids”.

  1. The Big Brother/Sister Teacher



Every new teacher’s favorite person in the school. They’ve been around the block, they’re always available for some much-needed support, and always there to let you know it’s gonna be OK.

  1. The Perfect Teacher



Classroom decor has taken a new meaning with this kind of teacher. They go to all lengths to make their classroom awesome. They cut their summer breaks weeks short to get started early on the back-to-school preparations, they drop a fair amount of money on materials, and they transform plain, old, ugly walls & drop-down ceilings into learning wonderlands. They do it every season, every holiday, every chance they can, to make it more colorful, more comfortable, and make every student want to stop by.

  1. The Health Teacher



That teacher who trains for marathons, goes for 3 – 5 mile runs before the start of a school day, always has the healthiest lunch, gives their students and co-workers nutritional advice, and somehow with a teacher salary, only eats organic food. Even if you’re not ready to give up your break room snacks and Diet Cokes, these teachers are a great influence to be around.

  1. Teacher I know everything



This teacher has memorized all the latest research on best teaching approaches. They’re often the one volunteering to run the Professional Development meetings and sending staff-wide emails about the best teacher conferences to attend. Truth is, they’re extremely passionate about the science behind teaching and got into this profession because of their love for learning. However, they’re also probably the ones asking a question at the end of staff meetings to prolong them another 5-10 minutes at least!

  1. Energy Teacher



If you don’t have one in your school, you’ve surely seen them go viral on social media with their morning warm-up videos, dancing on desks, rapping grammar lessons, and chanting their hearts out. It’s a mystery where they find all the energy and physical endurance to do it every day, they keep going and going and going.

  1. The Fashionable Teacher



This teacher might not always be on time or have the best-looking classroom, but they always come to school in style. Even when their world is turned upside-down, they’re on the verge of a mental breakdown, they always look like they’ve got their shit together. How they do it, we’ll never know.

  1. The Hard Teacher



This teacher is hard on their students, but for good reasons. They come to school to teach above all, not to make friends with students. Their respect must be earned and they expect students to take responsibility for all of their actions. These teachers are not cold-hearted, they care more about their students’ progress than most. To them, setting the bar high, making students work hard, and teaching them to be disciplined will prepare them for life more than they’ll ever know.

  1. The Always-Complaining Teacher



Whenever you run into them, they always have a story to tell. The second they see another adult, they explode with everything that set them off so far that day. Misbehaving students, annoying parents, the unannounced observation, the pointless staff meeting, that other teacher they don’t like, the cafeteria food, the extra kid admin threw in their class, you name it. It’s pure entertainment. They’re also often cracking sarcastic comments during staff meetings.

  1. The Stressed-Out Teacher



Every teacher gets to this state of mind at some point in the school year. It’s only human. There’s only so much one can handle between all the paperwork, meetings, and interruptions that drive us to the very limits of sanity. We all panic sometimes, we all break down every now and then. The stressed-out teacher can often be found taking deep breaths in the middle of class and headache medicine directly after.

  1. The Burnt-Out Teacher



Again, every teacher feels like this at some point out. Tired teachers have permanent dark circles around their eyes, are always holding a cup of coffee, and act kind of numb to the chaos surrounding them. They fall asleep during staff meetings and have stacks of papers on their desk, which they’ve put off grading for weeks, sometimes months.

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