Should Teachers Wear a Uniform?

Uniforms are required in many professions, so why not for teachers too? Having a uniform for teachers would make them look professional. If staff dress sloppily, it is hard for them to have authority in school. But if they dressed like authority figures, students would treat them with respect, and would be more likely to listen to them, which would create a good learning environment.

These are the opinions of some students:

Teachers don’t need to wear uniforms. Some people may think that is unfair, because if students aren’t allowed to wear their comfortable casual clothes, then why should teachers? But unlike students, teachers are already grown-up, and have professional judgement to decide what should they wear. Students might try too hard to look gorgeous or sexy, or might bully others for their choice of clothing. However, teachers are mature enough to decide what to wear.

Yes, teachers should wear a school uniform, because it should show school unity with the students. Showing unity is important because wearing uniform promotes a sense of belonging at our school. It would treat teachers and students equally. Teachers often wear casual clothes and t-shirts that do not look good, but a school uniform will let people know the teachers are from our school.

Teachers should not have to wear a uniform. Uniforms are for showing the strength and unity of a school, and although teachers are part of the school “family”, it’s unnecessary to have all the staff wearing the same thing.


If teachers wear uniforms it would show their loyalty to the school, and build better relationships with students in the campus. Wearing a school uniform would make teachers seem less superior, and students would feel more comfortable talking and sharing their feelings with them.

As with all uniformed groups, the clothes symbolise team spirit. However, teachers’ uniforms should be a little different. For example, male teachers could wear different coloured ties, and female teachers could wear scarves instead of a ribbon bows.

I don’t think teachers should have to wear school uniforms. Instead, they should choose cloths that are suitable for the subject they teach. For example, visual arts teachers can wear more stylish clothes while physical education teachers should wear sporty clothes. Besides, the clothing of a teacher can show his or her personality, and even make him or her popular with students.

Our school uniform is a symbol of our school, and we should be proud to wear it. And as important members of this big “family” teachers should also dress in school uniforms.

The teacher should not wear uniforms. Although they work for the school, they are just there to teach and help the students.

Teachers should wear school uniforms. When you go to a fast food restaurant, workers there also wear uniforms. So why can’t teachers and principals also wear school uniforms to show respect to students?

Teachers should wear uniforms. By doing so, they would be good role models for students regarding the uniform standards. It would also increase the sense of belonging of the school, and make students love the school more. Teachers would probably like it, too, as they could spend less time choosing clothes to work.

Teachers shouldn’t wear school uniforms. If teachers start wearing uniforms, some students may think teachers are equal to them, and become disrespectful to them.


Teachers should have to wear a school uniform because it will make us feel more intimate. Female teachers should wear a white T-shirt with a long black skirt. This would look more polite and clean. Male teachers should wear a white shirt with long black trousers.

Teachers should not have to wear school uniforms, because otherwise they would seem too much like students.

Teachers should wear a mature version of our uniforms, and that includes no gel, hairspray, make-up or nail polish because our rules also state that. Call it: giving them a taste of their own medicine, because I really find buttoning up the buttons, tying the ties and all the multiple zipping up for 10 minutes so annoying.

Unnecessary, I’ll say. Have you seen teachers wearing uniforms?I don’t have a model answer but I’m sure most likely not. Personally, I think that teachers have the freedom to dress with their own dress in a appropriate way as the are the role model of their students. Being as an adult, I believe that they have already been through the time of being a student, wearing the uniform,and now they should be entirely different from us as they have passed through this time already, therefore, I think that teacher should not wear uniforms.

Yes, all teachers should have to wear a school uniform – but they should be different than the students’ uniform.

Personally, If I were the teachers, I would feel like wearing what I want. So I think at least the teachers should have the freedom to dress how they want.

Teachers should wear school uniform, because we are from the same school, and we should all follow the same rules. Even if the school is a girls’ school, male teachers should wear the same as the students, but they may choose to change the dress to trousers.

I think teachers should wear school uniforms. Schools should design a uniform for them because it would help security know who the teachers are.

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