Should teachers in school wear uniform ?

No. The idea is patently ridiculous. Do other professionals wear a uniform? Sure, doctors wear lab coats or possibly hospital scrubs, but there is a functional reason for that. When lawyers, doctors, architects, etc. wear uniforms, I’ll consider it.

I’m not even really in favor of students wearing uniforms. We can argue that it builds esprit de corps, but it also hampers individual, creative, and critical thinking. Teachers need these kinds of thinking even more.

So… Thanks but no thanks. No one at my work pays attention to what other staff members are wearing. This is a school, not a fashion runway. We aren’t worried about “saving money” on uniforms. None of the reasons offered in the article supplied carried water for me.

Daniel Kaplan – Teacher (USA)

Most schools require their staff to adhere to some sort of dress code regarding what they can and cannot wear.  In this country if the Department of Education forced teachers to wear an actual uniform then they would have to provide compensation for the cost of that uniform. They are unwilling to do so hence it is a non-issue.

Also – the reasons students wear uniforms don’t really apply to teachers.

– Students wear uniform because it is a tradition dating back decades and in some cases centuries

– Students wear uniforms because it makes it easier for parents to ensure their children are dressed appropriately for school.

– Students wear uniforms to ensure they are dressed appropriately for the activities they will be participating in at school.

– Students wear uniforms so that they are readily identifiable as belonging to that school when away from the school on excursion.

– Students wear uniforms so they are readily identifiable within the school yard and anyone who is not supposed to be there stands out due to their lack of uniform.

– Students wear uniform because the parents and the community are highly supportive of the idea of students wearing uniform.

Nick Hodgson – Teacher (Australia)

Well i certainly feel that teachers should be given some kind of dress code for the simple reason that there won’t be any kind of inferiority or superiority in school. Without the dress code i just feel that there is some kind of a fashion competition going around in schools.

Shaun Bell – Business Strategist (Australia)

When I was at secondary school, many teachers wore their academic robe over their clothes. Not all of them, the habit was on its way out at the time (the early 1970s).

I expect most of them only wore them to protect their clothes from chalk dust. But I’m a little sad to see another tradition fall by the wayside.

They only wore the black robe, not the hat or hood. It would billow out behind them as they walked down the corridor. Harry Potter style.

Fionnula MacLiam – Lectures at Post Grad Level (The Republic of Ireland)

Can you believe that as a public school teacher for many years, I am told to wear a dress code of only certain colors at a business worksite? I realize this is to identify us as volunteers at a business, but we are dressing like the employees there; as the teacher, I find this ridiculous. Our school district has an employee dress code that conveys respect and dignity. I don’t think this is fair, yet other teachers comply. Same dress code goes for the students, who are over 18. Is this even legal?

Ashley Renee – Former Special Education Teacher (USA)

I teach in a high school where students wear uniforms. Sometimes I wear the uniform and sometimes I don’t. It is so much easier to teach in an environment where what the students wear is not a distraction. I saw all kinds of crazy things that kids wore to school before uniforms, and I never want to go back to that. It is easier to teach and the kids are calmer. When I don’t wear the uniform, I dress in a nice, casual way. Actually, the kids kind of look forward to seeing what I’m going to wear, because I put my outfits together so that I’m matchy matchy. They like seeing what shoes I’m going to wear especially, because I have some really cool sneakers, some of which are personalized by color and with my name on them. The kids also like seeing some different colors around, so I never hear complaints from them. Additionally, some of our students live in areas with gang members, so by wearing the uniform, their clothing isn’t an issue in their neighborhoods.

Patty Martinez – Teacher (USA)

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