What do teens today want parents to understand about their generation?

“Note: I’m 13 and this is all aimed at my dad, he and my mom are split up. And lots of this is venting.”

  1. If I’m staring off into space I’m probably thinking about something you don’t wanna know about. Stop asking me what I’m thinking about.
  2. If I’m watching YouTube/listening to music the volume is too high for me to hear you. All you need to do is say *insert name here* and when I say what, the music/video is paused, and there’s no need to scream what you need to say.
  3. Let me sleep without underwear on, it’s comfortable and cools me down in the summer.
  4. Don’t look at my phone. I’m always either having a convo with friends, or answering a question on Quora, no, the convo isn’t something you wanna know about. And on Quora I’m usually typing some shitty answer about stuff like this.
  5. Don’t go through my phone. You will find conversations you didn’t need to hear. You won’t find anything like drugs or nudes. It also makes me feel violated. Like my phone isn’t mine.
  6. I have a life aside from school. Stop acting like all I should do is study. I have anxiety and need my downtime.
  7. That being said, yes my anxiety is real. You yelling at me for talking to my mom for 45 minutes is going to cause tears and lack of sleep. (True story btw)
  8. I have methods of getting rid of anxiety. You taking my phone away will cause tears. Not because I’m addicted. But because I have YouTube, and texting, both get rid of my anxiety.
  9. I know you fucked up in life. Stop acting like I’m you. Just because you did drugs and smoked and snuck out doesn’t mean I will.
  10. For the love of god trust me. If I haven’t done anything to loose the trust then I deserve to be trusted. Don’t go through my DMs or my texts. Don’t track my phone. Don’t ask why I’m where I am.
  11. Knock on the god damn door. And if I say “I’m busy, or gimme a minute, listen. I was probably doing something you don’t wanna know about.
  12. Don’t limit my time in the bathroom. I’m not allowed to lock my room door so the bathroom is my escape. Yes it’s obvious what I’m doing. Don’t bring it up. It’s embarrassing and uncalled for. It has caused me to be paranoid when I actually need to take a shit.
  13. Give me space. If I’m crying, and you ask what’s wrong and I say nothing, take the hint I don’t wanna talk about it. And leave me alone.
  14. Stop giving me advice I don’t ask for. My dad likes to tell me how he thinks I should be with girls. When what he says isn’t valid anymore.(he tells me to be cool about it and let girls come to me) I’ve had much more success by putting myself out there.
  15. Don’t get pissed at me when I’m in a bad mood. And don’t make it worse by telling me exactly what I have due when, and just nagging me about everything.
  16. Yes I use my phone at school. That doesn’t always mean I’m not paying attention in class. We do all kinds of stuff with our phones.
  17. Don’t Make me go to sleep at fucking 9:00. If that’s the case I’ll be lying in my bed for like an hour or more.
  18. Don’t tell me I can tell you anything and then blow up at me when I say the slightest thing.
  19. I know exactly what happened and why you and my mom got divorced. Stop making it sound like my mom is a bad person.
  20. I know when you’re high/drunk.
  21. Don’t manipulate me. I know what you’re doing. Stop.
  22. What the teacher says is not always true. Lots of teachers are bitches/ass holes.
  23. I don’t wanna think about school while I’m away on vacation.
  24. You telling me something, then me giving you an answer you don’t want doesn’t justify you saying it was just a joke.
  25. Most of my childhood memories are shit about fighting/ arguing. I heard everything. I know exactly what happened.
  26. No need for sarcastic or mean remarks. They’re uncalled for and just piss me off
  27. I’m done following your stupid bedtime. I’m no longer gonna go to sleep whenever you feel I should. Especially during the summer when nothing is happening. 11:00? That’s fucking stupid.
  28. If I’m depressed it’s probably because of all the girls and rejections I’ve been facing recently. Not because of you
  29. I hate not being able to leave my room after 9. Just because my stepsister is asleep doesn’t mean you need to isolate me to just my room! If I’m hungry I wanna be able to get up and get something without having anxiety about waking her up. Because dad said if I do he’s gonna force me to sleep at 9.
  30. Stop threatening to do something. I know you won’t do it.
  31. At least hear me out. You aren’t always right.
  32. During school I’m really stressed out. During summer I wanna relax. So let me. Don’t obsess over me getting my summer shit done. I will do it.
  33. I’m super fucking hormonal rn. You can set me off really easy. So when you say something that would piss off someone not hormonal, I’m gonna get really really pissed.
  34. Don’t tell me not to smoke then do it in front of me. Same with cussing
  35. Stop with your advice, it’s so awful. I’m not gonna follow it. I’m smart enough to know it’s not gonna help.
  36. Stop looking over my shoulder at what I’m doing. It’s annoying and makes me paranoid.

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