What will ruin a school teacher’s day?

  1. Interrupt my class with an unscheduled fire drill
  2. Send out a last-minute email explaining why half my kids will miss the test because of a field trip to go see a movie
  3. Cut off the last two hours of the day for an “emergency class meeting” where you talk about how important it is to order a class ring from Jostens
  4. Make sure not to fix the computers in the computer lab so that my awesome online assignment doesn’t work
  5. Excuse 1600 kids from being tardy because one bus showed up 11 seconds late
  6. Don’t give me enough desks
  7. Make sure the room is 80 in the summer and 40 in the winter
  8. Get the grading software to stop working just before conferences
  9. Printer paper? Skip it
  10. Make sure to promote how much you spent on the new football equipment just after telling us about the skipped copy paper
  11. Give me another pay cut
  12. Make my benefits more expensive
  13. Extend the school day and the school year simultaneously while doing both #11 and #12
  14. Increase class sizes
  15. Don’t send me an IEP or 504 until at least October 9th
  16. Chastise me for not following those IEPs and 504s in September
  17. Put kids into my class that both don’t want to be there and also who don’t meet the recommendations or prerequisites.
  18. Eliminate all science elective classes.
  19. Don’t discipline my worst-behaving students but make sure my great kid who made one mistake gets a 2-week suspension.
  20. And finally, PA announcements. Make like a bazillion of them, but make sure they don’t apply to me and my students.

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