What are the dirty little secrets of a teacher?

  1. Your behavior counts as 20% of your grade.
  2. I’ve been online longer than you, so I know all the places where people buy papers.
  3. If you’re a D student who suddenly starts turning in A work, chances are good that you’re cheating.
  4. Yes, I really do read the stuff I assign.
  5. I grade on spelling because I care about your future. Employers will reject applications that look like they were written by illiterates. If you think it doesn’t matter, you’re wrong.
  6. I don’t use Fakebook because I have better uses for my time, not because I don’t know what it is.
  7. You’ve got a thousand friends online, now? Wonderful. How many of them will do your work for you? Oh? Guess you’d better do it yourself.
  8. I became a teacher because I like learning, and I wanted to share with others.
  9. Correcting papers takes time. Be patient, please.
  10. When I’m not teaching, I’m writing, reading or enjoying nature.
  11. A fact is something which can be verified by three separate, independent sources. That means you need corroboration.
  12. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s true.
  13. The world is one big classroom. It’s up you to learn the lessons.

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