Teachers Should Wear Uniforms!

Story Time…

An average teacher scans her closet every morning deciding on what to wear. She has to decide on something professional which means no revealing t-shirts, shorts that are too short, and nothing to casual or slouchy.

All that time that she spent trying to pick out an outfit could have been avoided if she had a teachers uniform that she could wear.

What we will talk about…

  • Why a teacher should wear a uniform
  • Teachers views on it
  • Students views on it

As you will soon see, uniforms should be mandatory for teachers everywhere that students have them too!

Students! Why not teachers?

  • Some schools have students who wear uniforms and ALL schools have teachers who don’t wear them
  • They aren’t even required to wear items from the schools collection!
  • They should wear them because you never know if something that they wear one day could effect someone in a religious way

It isn’t fair for students that have to wear uniforms and their teachers don’t.

Teachers get to wear things like:


Here is another reason why teachers need uniforms:

  • They are the people who are representing the school, and the way that they decide to dress may mislead how they teach.
  • Uniforms will help this because with them, you can’t judge how they teach because they will all be wearing the same thing.

Teachers points of views

  • Anthony Lapin, 3rd Grade teacher

“Wearing a school uniform identifies me with the school, it makes me part of this community”

  • Donna Metler, Lester Elementary in Memphis

“I teach music, and we sit on the floor, if I do this dressed in the same way the kids are, the girls can’t complain that they can’t sit on the floor in a knee-length skit, because i will be too”

  • Wanda Halbert, School Board Member

She encourages teachers to adopt the attire, setting an example herself.

“If I have to put on a uniform to show that it’s not that big a deal, then I will put on a uniform”

  • Lola Bolden, President of the Memphis Education Association

“I dress how I want to dress”

  • Barbara Llorente, Hillcrest Elementary School

“I didn’t wear blue plaid as a student, and I don’t intend to begin now”

Students view

I didn’t really find that much on what students have to say about this, but there was a girl from YouTube saying what she thinks.

She said

“Students say that they don’t like this teacher and they don’t like that teacher because they wear the things that they wear, and they do that because they feel like they have the right to express themselves in their classroom.

“They also say that they are sometimes afraid of going up to a certain teacher in the hall way based on what they look like and how they dress because some they might look creepy or weird. But, if they had uniforms, it wouldn’t be hard because they would look like everyone else.

So in conclusion uniforms should be mandatory for teachers where their students wear them too.

Today I tried to say:

  • Why a teacher should wear a uniform
  • Teachers views
  • Students views

I hope that you feel the same way as i do when i say that i am for all teachers with uniforms when their students have them too!

(Prezi presentation)

Shelby Scheuermann


  1. I have participated wearing the basic school uniforms. The teachers would wear blue and white or black and white. I did this for three days a week. I also dress casual and I have purchased tee shirts for spirit day. That was costly. I supported the few schools that I worked at, but my main focus was education. I needed the children to learn to read so that they could become productive human beings in society. Education is key. Teaching is a profession. Let me have my desk and do my job. The students can wear the uniform let the teacher decide what he or she wears as long as it is professional. Coaches wear what they need. Remember the movie Coach Carter, the team did dress on game day. Our job is to help every child reach his or her potential. This is my opinion no harm directed to anyone. I am a veteran teacher. I love my job plus teachers know the night before what they will wear to work. No time wasted.


    1. There is a drastic difference between the student and teacher. The teacher went to college for x amount of years to do that job. The teacher is the authority figure in the room, we have earned the right to choose what we wear. This also puts students and teachers on equal levels, students should understand the teacher is in charge and has special privileges.


  2. 1. What a teacher wears might affect someone in a religious way – how? why? How is this not a good teaching/learning moment about working against discrimination based on what a person wears?
    2. The way they (a teacher) dresses might mislead people about how they teach – who exactly is misled by this? Students? They’re smart enough to know which teacher’s good at their work and who isn’t, parents? Take a bit of time speaking to the teachers in an appropriate manner they’ll see their child has a good teacher, leadership? Walk into and observe your teachers at work, not a 5 minute visit but actually attend a whole class.
    3. Not allowing students to complain that they can’t sit on the floor in skirts by dressing like them – instead of supporting them and asking for a change in uniform that allows students to participate in all school activities in an appropriate manner?
    While it’s important to dress appropriately, good clean work clothes, it’s also good to remember teaching students their subjects isn’t all that teachers do. Teachers teach students to understand and engage positively with the world around them now and in the future, without discrimination and bias. This means teaching them through example how to dress right for the job, any job, once they leave school.
    Frankly my dream would be to be in an international school where teachers and students wear appropriate work clothes that could also highlight their culture, tradition, religion, taste and moods. I would put ‘appropriate work clothes’ in bold.


  3. How you dress should never matter. We spend way too much time judging people based on outside appearance already.


  4. I’m a theatre teacher. I have to be able to move, dance, roll around on the floor with these kids. A uniform will not allow me to do that. And on the semester I have technical theatre classes, I have to wear jeans, fitted shirts, and work boots, because it is the safest things to wear when working with power tools. A uniform would not work with that either.


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