Back To School – First Day 21 Questions (free download)

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It’s a new school year, and with it comes an entirely fresh group of students in your classroom. Each of these children have their own story – their own unique dreams, fears and goals.

And you know none of them.

Over time, you certainly will uncover these nuggets of information. But one way to speed up the process is to have students take some time on the first day of class to answer a series of questions. We’ve got a list that we’ve compiled from speaking with and reading educators and asking them what questions they ask their new students to get to know them better.

Here are 21 questions you need to ask your students.

Instead of asking the questions to students outloud, give them a printed sheet and have them write out their responses. It is amazing what you learn about them by asking these questions. Some students won’t verbally tell you what they are prepared to write on paper. Others need the luxury of time to organize their thoughts – time that’s not available when put on the spot in front of a new class full of students.


Link to free download: BackToSchool21QuestionsYouAbsolutelyShouldAskYourStudentsOnTheirFirstDay

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