For and against about wearing face masks in the classroom

Hundreds of people have had their say on whether pupils have to wear face masks face in the clasroom.

Here is a selection of the comments posted.

  1. It’s a world-wide very contagious pandemic it’s not whether people like it or not, masks are to protect us all.
  2. This ridiculous decision imposes a real problem between pupils and teachers. Facial expressions form a large part of communication, essential in a classroom.
  3. Schools cannot win. When schools were reopening for a bigger cohort everyone shouted its not safe without masks, they are risking my child’s health. Now a school is saying masks should be worn, people are shouting its unfair and not safe to wear a mask.
  4. Kids will not be able to concentrate. It’s funny how adamant parents and teachers are about it when they were happy to overcrowd the beaches with kids all summer without social distancing.
  5. Not in the classroom. How are the teachers going to teach if they can’t see or hear what the child is saying especially as they don’t have to wear one I believe.
  6. Precautions are better than doing nothing. I am fed up with people moaning about having to do this. Yes it’s uncomfortable and alien having to do this. It could be a lot worse. This virus is serious. Get on with taking responsibility for yourself and others.
  7. I’m not sure I understand the full reasons for this, sorry if I upset anyone but if you can go to a gym and puff and pant really hard without wearing a mask during your exercise time how does sitting at a desk with minimum movement require it?
  8. I am so relieved about this. My daughter and I both feel safer and reassured that the school are doing everything they can to protect us.
  9. People would be moaning if schools didn’t have safety measures in place.
  10. I think it should be choice. In the classroom as some are very anxious wearing them. My daughters school have said they are not permitted in class but are choice at free times. Give these poor teenagers a choice.
  11. I am so upset by this decision. My son now no longer wants to attend school. It was going to be horrendous trying to get the kids back to a normal routine and now he doesn’t want to go. I don’t blame him. I work all day with a mask and a visor and it’s really hard.
  12. I am so pleased they are going to wear masks. Great news. Hopefully it will encourage more schools to do the same and eventually my daughters school will do so.
  13. Corridor and shared areas yes, but classroom no. Absolutely not necessary. Sat at a desk not moving, just will cause anxiety and discomfort for no reason.

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