Should Uniforms be Mandatory for Teachers?

Have you ever seen yourself doing something you’ve never done before? Have you ever thought what it feels like to break free and stand out? For once in your life, have you ever tried to break the rules?

For many times in our life, we all do. In this generation we live in, we always try something new to the point that we are already deviating to our norms. We always wanted to be unique somehow. We dare to be something different. And speaking of different, we have diverse tastes especially in our clothe preferences or fashion statements. But when we are in school, are we still free to wear anything we want? As for the teachers and soon-to-be-teachers, should uniforms be mandatory?

They say that uniforms are boring, costly, and uncomfortable. They say that you wear this kind of attire, you cannot express yourself clearly because uniforms encourage conformity, instead of personality and individuality. It disregards the person’s freedom of expression, because he won’t be able to show his ideologies and philosophies concerning clothing. But I don’t think so. that would not change my mind. Despite of this contradictions about uniforms, I still strongly agree that wearing uniforms should be mandatory especially to teachers. But why must it be compulsory?

It must be mandatory, to set a good example. We all belong to the same school and same college, and it is strictly imposed that as a teacher education institution, we, future teachers, must abide to the rules and must wear our uniforms. We are trained here for personality development and to possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and most importantly, the values, such as self-respect, self -discipline, and professionalism that we will use in our teaching career. How can we set a good example if we cannot do simple things like dressing appropriately? I can’t imagine a teacher who cross dress or does not dress appropriately while in school. Wearing sleeveless and sexy shorts while teaching? No, I don’t think so. Therefore, to be a good example, change must start within our ourselves.

It is mandatory because school uniform symbolizes unity, pride, identity, and good community spirit. I asked a teacher about this topic, and she said, “Wearing a school uniform identifies me with the school, it makes me a part of this community.” That only means that they are the people who are representing the school, and the way that they decide to dress may mislead how they teach. Uniforms will help this because with them, you can’t judge how they teach because they will be wearing the same thing. Also, uniform culture at school can help at-risk students to overcome their stress, loneliness, and isolation.

Wearing uniforms have a great impact on both student and teachers. It sets a good example to follow, and it represents unity, pride, identity, and good community spirit to make the learning environment a happy place and conducive to learning.

It is time for all of us to think positive, leave our egos behind and decide what is best for our new generation and society. There are many critics on school-uniform because they always look on the disadvantages so I encourage all of you to focus more on the brighter and greener side of wearing uniforms. Let us hand in hand for the betterment of our community and society by taking a small step of change.


  1. We are facing the biggest teacher shortage in history. While salaries and the pandemic both play roles, research shows that the primary issue most teachers are facing is the lack of autonomy and support. This would aggravate the situation considerably. But, if your goal is to scare away a whole generation of qualified teachers, by all means require them to wear uniforms.


  2. So, wearing a uniform is a more pressing issue than students learning…ok smh too many learning gaps and student gaps to be worry about my outfit. Appreciate that we are there.


  3. Most schools/school districts already have a dress code policy in place for staff (business/business casual). Practically speaking, a standard uniform won’t work. A PE/Gym teacher needs more casual attire b/c they are active all day. A school counselor may need business attire. I do not understand your logic in saying that staff uniforms “can help at-risk students to overcome their stress, loneliness, and isolation.” That makes no sense. The last I checked, connecting w/students, being empathetic, consistent and understanding is what connects with students.


  4. Wow.

    So we do have a uniform of sorts, that relates to what we teach. I’m in construction, we have polo shirts and jackets for workshops and shirts for classroom. Othrr curriculum areas have their own, but not all. It isn’t mandatory, but many chose to wear it, as we like being identified as part of our department, we are proud of it. We do wear it if promoting on social media, out visiting schools etc. We can totally make it our own with our lower half clothing. I think because its relaxed and adaptable more will buy in to the idea…


  5. Absolutely not! We are all professionals already. We all have different comfort levels. I can’t wear certain fabrics at all without ending up in the er. I don’t wear anything but sneakers, even under long skirts. There’s already a huge teacher shortage, this would make it worse.


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