New trends in education

If you are looking for ways to engage learners, why don’t you apply gamification? Some confuse the current trend with playing games. But they’re not the same! Basically, gamification refers to applying the mechanics and theory of games to non-game contexts. When combining gamification in teaching and learning, learners will be inspired and motivated to complete their tasks. This is not a new educational trend. But it always gets a spotlight in education.

Project-based Learning (PBL)
When discussing trends in education, it will be a gap if we don’t refer to PBL. This is also known as experiential learning. “Knowledge is a consequence of experience”. People cannot grow up if they just follow the grasp in textbooks, indeed. Global citizens have to experience real things in real life. Thanks to that process, they sharpen their skills better in integrating with society.

Mobile Learning (m-Learning)
Mobile devices now are essential parts of our day-to-day lives, obviously. We could not agree more that mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc, benefit us a lot. In many ways, m-learning can simplify our lives. Hence, m-learning is an ideal way to help people keep up with the ever-changing world. That’s why it always has a good position at the top trends in education.

Online Learning
To begin with, kicking off the popular trends in education list today is online learning. Due to Covid-19 effects, over 1.2 billion children are out of school, globally. The lockdown status occurred and extended in nearly almost the entire map. During the tough time, it is not possible for teachers and learners to attend face-to-face classes. Many traditional classes transform into online classes. And online learning seems to be the most productive way to remain and ensure educational quality.

Distance Learning
Among many global educational trends, distance learning cannot be missed out. At first glance, some people may think that distance learning is similar to online learning. However, these modern trends are not exactly the same. Each trend has its own specialist. With remote learning, learners can get a course in the absence of in-person interactions. This proves that education can be carried on from distances, no matter where we are.

Have you ever heard about homeschooling? Yes, it tends to become one of the popular trends in recent years. Generally, homeschooling means home education. In other words, parents educate their children at home rather than sending them to a public or private school. In this education style, parents now also become teachers. They can create unique curricula as well as suitable methods for their children.

Personalized Learning
In fact, personalized learning is not new but it’s always been a notable trend in education. As the name suggests, this is a student-centered education. Personalized learning gives learners chances to raise their voices and choices. That is, they can enjoy learning at their own pace. If you pay attention to the popular trends in education periods, you’ll see the name of it surely. People love this learning style since it respects individual differences.

Last but not least, bite-sized learning becomes a nice ending for the list of popular trends in education today. This learning style answers the concern of short-term attention. It is said that the average student’s attention span is between 10 and 15 minutes. But it seems to shorten for small children. So, bite-sized learning was born to offer clear and concise content to learners. Thanks to that, learners may remain 100% attentive during every learning session.

Social-emotional Learning (SEL)
Happy schools, happy teachers, happy learners… That’s all things we achieve now! The more learners are happy, the more prosperous society becomes. However, the fact indicates many mental health issues that learners have to deal with in modern life. So, what can we do to improve this situation? Now, give SEL a go. Then, you will see learners’ social interaction, healthy relationships, and well-informed decisions promoted.

Blended Learning
Since the growth of technology, blended learning is never out of the popular educational trends list. With this method, you can make use of both face-to-face and eLearning training methods. Thanks to that, learners become the center of learning. Meanwhile, teachers play the role of mentors to orient learners. This modern trend not only boosts learners’ learning experiences but also wakes their learning motivation up.

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