The Advantages of a Four Day School Week

  1. The financial savings to districts that jump on the four-days-per-week bandwagon can be tremendous, regardless of the size of the district.
  2. Compacting school into just four days a week leaves more time for kids to spend with family, friends and outside interests.
  3. Most states allow districts to opt into a four-day week, either through flexible requirements, explicit administrative rules, or a waiver approval process.
  4. Four-day school week provides an opportunity for extra rest and a less stressful environment.
  5. Teachers have more time to prepare lessons and collaborate during the day.
  6. Allows students to relax or to be more productive.
  7. Proponents of four-day school weeks say that even though cost savings are minimal, they are achieved.
  8. Looking forward to a three-day weekend each week leads to greater work-life balance for teachers, which leads to improved staff morale and a positive impact on what is taught in classrooms.
  9. Opportunities for an extra work day at an after-school job, engaging in volunteer activities or pursuing additional educational goals.
  10. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that attendance improves; parents and teachers can schedule doctor’s appointments and other weekday commitments for Fridays rather than during school days.
  11. Kids said they enjoyed having more time for play, rest and even homework, while high schoolers tended to pick up extra shifts at their part-time jobs, or volunteer to boost their college prospects.
  12. Students who are athletes don’t miss as much class and have less work to make up when events occur on a day off.
  13. 4-day week for schooling is that it offers teachers and students an additional day for rest every week.
  14. District administrators also claim that the appeal of a four-day work week helps recruit teachers in areas where it is consistently difficult to attract new staff.
  15. More rest then equates to dealing with less stress over the course of a school year.
  16. Fewer days spent in class might mean fewer discipline referrals for students.
  17. Students feel less pressure because they have more time to study at their own pace at home, especially in the later grades.
  18. Students are more rested and focused and therefore less likely to disrupt class, be off task or engage in other behaviors requiring discipline.
  19. There were also reduced sick days requested by their teaching staff.
  20. Attendance has improved for teachers and students.
  21. Their graduation rates slowly increased year after year when they switched to a 4-day school week.
  22. An increase in academic achievement also has been associated with a four-day school week.
  23. Reported that their test scores improved when they shifted to this alternative schedule as well.
  24. Gradual increase in its graduation rate since adopting the new school week.
  25. There are potential reductions in the financial costs of running a school district.
  26. A reduction in system spending may be a significant factor considered when moving to a four-day school week.
  27. There is the potential of reducing transportation costs by up to 20% by shifting the schedule.
  28. Better teacher and student morale.
  29. Reduced discipline referral frequency.
  30. Transportation costs including fuel, bus maintenance and driver salaries are reduced.
  31. For school districts struggling with funding issues, the potential savings here could save the budget.
  32. If facilities are used only four days per week instead of five, there is a significant reduction in utility costs to the system.
  33. Staff recruitment is easier with the 4-day school week for school districts.
  34. Money spent to fund school breakfast and lunch programs are reduced by 20 percent, as is spending associated with all hourly cafeteria and custodial workers.
  35. The school districts in the state have stable student achievement levels on their standardized tests.

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