39 Reasons You Should Marry a Teacher

There are a lot of advantages and benefits to being married to a teacher. Here’s just 39 Reasons You Should Marry a Teacher

  1. Teachers are patient.
  2. Teachers are empathetic.
  3. Teachers are neutral
  4. Free tutoring for your own kids
  5. Teachers are selfless.
  6. They get lovely long holidays
  7. Teachers have positive energy.
  8. There is never a lack of pens of any color
  9. Having everything in the house labeled and in bins
  10. Teachers always see the bright side.
  11. They’re (usually) great with kids.
  12. Teachers never lose temper
  13. Always coming home with leftover treats from the staff room.
  14. Teachers are pros at handling crazy situations.
  15. They don’t take any crap from kids.
  16. They can do their job virtually anywhere.
  17. Teachers have big hearts.
  18. Teachers are humble
  19. Lol free childcare during breaks!
  20. Teachers are responsible.
  21. They’re smart.
  22. Teachers are fun and easygoing.
  23. Teachers can settle anywhere
  24. Teachers know how to communicate well.
  25. They really make a difference.
  26. Teachers are great parents.
  27. The teacher wife can deal with the kids (our own) when they act up at school
  28. Teachers push the one they love to be the best that they can be.
  29. They love laminating stuff.
  30. Teachers are kind and caring.
  31. The teacher knows how to organize and plan
  32. Teachers are passionate.
  33. They tell the best stories.
  34. Teachers are simply rock stars!
  35. Doesn’t need frequent potty breaks on trips
  36. Teachers know how to have fun.
  37. You always get control of the remote control.
  38. Teachers know how to love.
  39. They make you PROUD.

And remember, when you marry a teacher, you will always have someone who will teach you to not just enjoy life but to love wholeheartedly as well.

The text is primarily for fun. Don’t take it so seriously and with a dose of criticism and sarcasm

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