Should Teachers Have To Wear Uniforms or Have Dress Codes?

Imagine that a class is sitting at their desks waiting for their class to begin when their teacher walks in wearing old sweatpants and a stained tank-top. Would you imagine that those students would listen to the teacher or take the teacher seriously?

Teachers should be required to have a dress code at school. The dress code should consist of dress pants that do not have holes in them. Also, an appropriate top that isn’t too low and doesn’t have any inappropriate words or signs on it. The dress code should consist of dresses or skirts but they have to end just above the knee, no shorter. Teachers do have a hard and tiring job so they do deserve some comfortability and because of that on Fridays, teachers can wear jeans. Although, the jeans shouldn’t have a ton of rips and holes in them. What can dress pants and a stainless shirt do?

If a teacher does not have authority of their classroom, it is likely that things will not get done and the students will not listen or learn anything. If a teacher is dressed like a student, a student will treat the teacher like one. Vice versa, if a teacher is dressed like a grown up or an authority figure, a student will treat them like one. A student is more likely to listen to a teacher who is wearing a professional-like outfit than a teacher who is dressed sloppy. Also, if students see a teacher dressed professionally they will assume the teacher will take their job seriously, correct papers, and have strict discipline. Why is it so important to have a dress code or to dress professionally?

Like most other jobs, you have to dress professionally during work hours. Statistics say that 93% of executives believe that an employee’s style of dress at work influences his or her chances of promotion. The most jobs that require a professional attire are ones that deal with people throughout their work day. If one is dressed business-like, one could assume that they take their job seriously. It is also said that dressing nice for work can boost your self-confidence level. If one dresses clean, neat, and professional, it shows that one takes pride in himself/herself and their position. Also, when most people get home they change into comfortable clothes to sit around and do nothing. The way you dress affects the way you think, look, and act. When you dress down, one will feel down and most likely not be productive and vice versa.

In conclusion, teachers should have a dress code. Although, they should have a casual day once a week. Having a dress code will increase a student’s listening and obedience because students will look at them as an authority figure. The dress code should consist of dress pants and a nice shirt. Also, dressing professional has a lot of positive effects, including, higher confidence level, better work performance, and respect. Teachers should have a dress code, what do you think?


  1. please think about preschool teachers whose dress pants have been ruined by the over splash of bleach that they have to use to disinfect surfaces 3 or more times daily.


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