Unprofessional Behavior for a Teacher

There are a number of ways a teacher can show unprofessionalism.

 Speaking or talking down about a child is both unprofessional and immoral. Teachers may have their favorite student, and may even dislike what some of their students do, but at no point should a teacher talk bad about the students because you never know why a child is acting out.

Making sexual advances toward a student or another teacher is also unprofessional and immoral. The school is a professional environment and teacher shouldn’t flirt, talk sexual, or make advances because that is a form of sexual harassment.

Teachers should not come to school intoxicated. Being a teacher can be stressful at time, but at no point is it ever okay to come to work under the influence of any type of drugs or alcohol.

Being verbally or physically abusive to a student or colleague is both unprofessional and immoral. A teacher is a well-respected individual who most children look up to so it is easy for a teacher to be verbally abusive.

You should always watch how you talk to your students to ensure they are comfortable and eager to learn. Cheating or changing answers ona test is wrong. Teachers should always teach their children, to be honest and responsible by first showing their responsibilities and being honest when it comes to testing taking. If your class is failing test, then they may need to work more on their weaknesses.

Teachers and good performance should they be held to a higher standard outside the classroom

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  1. Hello, is it appropriate behavior for a 6 th grade Catholic school teacher to write the names of students that she feels are misbehaving in class and then refuse to erase their name, even when their behavior is good and let their name wrote up on the chalkboard all year for all the students to see? I would think that names should be erased at the end of every day, if at all as I feel this type of punishment is not even appropriate for this grade level. What is your opinion?


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