Should teachers and principals have to wear uniforms or have a dress code?!


  • One of the most positive aspects of school uniform statistics is that in many states all across the US, significant drop has been registered in cases of teenage violence, sex offenses, vandalism incidents, school terminations and other similar problems with not only students, but the teachers as well.
  • While teachers wearing such uniforms is less common, there are clear advantages for teachers who wear uniforms including a connection with their students, practicality, and security.

Know the facts!

  • Students in Kenya, for example, were given uniforms along with their teachers. Test scores increased significantly along with attendance, which increased by 7%.
  • The unified school district in Long Beach, CA, one of the first public school districts in the U.S. to adopt a uniform policy in 1994, saw an 86% decrease in the overall crime rate at the school and a 90% decrease in suspensions only 4 years after adopting the policy.


  • School wide uniforms for teachers and students will make the children comfortable and more open to talking to their teachers because not only are they dressed similar, but it eliminates the concept of economic status, or how much money you make based on of clothing you wear.
  • If everyone dressed the same, including teachers, there would be less sex offenses, school terminations other similar problems that have to do with relationships.
  • With school uniforms for everyone, strangers will be easy to detect and it would help keep everyone safer so the students can graduate and begin their own lives, rather than risking them because an adult shows up on campus but goes unnoticed because they look like all the teachers.

We need to…

…give out school uniforms to everyone, including students, teachers, and administration. School colors are appropriate, but other basic, solid colors would work as well.

…be extremely strict with the uniform/code. If it isn’t enforced, no one will follow it, making school harder for everyone.

…and most importantly, make it affordable for families and teachers. With such low salaries, teachers, along with their students, need to be able to easily afford the uniforms required by the school.

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