Should teachers in school wear uniform ?

No. The idea is patently ridiculous. Do other professionals wear a uniform? Sure, doctors wear lab coats or possibly hospital scrubs, but there is a functional reason for that. When lawyers, doctors, architects, etc. wear uniforms, I’ll consider it. I’m not even really in favor of students wearing […]

Умотворенија за воспитанието и образованието (наставници & ученици) согледани од четири агли низ изминатите 20 години – Втор дел

За наставници, директори, стручни соработници, ученици, родители, инспектори, советници и сите други интересенти кои на директен или индиректен начин се поврзани со воспитанието и образованието.


Actually getting excited when there’s no line at the photocopier. The feeling you get when that struggling student finally “gets it.” Being friended by a student on Facebook. Trying not to laugh when a student says something completely inappropriate but utterly hilarious. Knowing the one day you leave […]

When Teachers Bully Other Teachers

Sooner or later, every teacher–with blessed few exceptions– will have to deal with a bully, and not the grade seven bully stealing chips from kid lunch boxes. But an adult bully, experienced and educated, dressed in fine clothes. A fellow teacher. This post aims to inform teachers about […]